Provider Productivity

As healthcare organizations move toward values-based care and declining revenues become the norm, the effort to reduce inefficiencies becomes increasingly important. MedsRole evaluates the billing, payroll and financial data of all suppliers and employees in your company to uncover the root causes of declining productivity and profits.

We identify gaps by focusing on the following areas for each provider:

  • Outpatient vs. Inpatient Services
  • Payer Mix and Rates
  • Collection Ratios and RVU’s
  • Top Services (CPTs) Performed
  • Service Volume vs. Value Comparison
  • Visit Coding
  • Staff Costs
  • Practice Costs
  • Resource Utilization
  • Physician Compensation

Ready to Increase Your Earnings?

Whether you need help with medical billing or managing your revenue cycle, MedsRole is here for you. No matter the type of medical industry, we work across the country. Get in touch by calling us at  +1 (855) 855-0990 or emailing us at to talk to our friendly customer representative.

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