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Revenue Cycle Management Company and Healthcare IT Solution Provider

Who We Are?

MedsRole is a 7 year old technology solution provider firm which assists all medical practitioners and hospitals to reach their desired financial goals and to enhance the overall patient experience.

How Can We Help You?

Our team of experts work together day and night, round the clock and provide all the following services:

We Develop Tools to Simplify MEDICAL Billing

Revenue Cycle Management

  • Patient Access
  • Patient Friendly Billing
  • Revenue Integrity
  • Denial Management and Prevention
  • Intelligent Automation 

Revenue Cycle Management

Think of RCM as the process of taking care of all the money stuff in a hospital. From the time a patient comes in for treatment until the medical bills are paid,

Patient Experience

  • Easy Check-In & Registration
  • Better Patient Engagement
  • Unified Orders, Scheduling
  • Personalized Payments

Patient Experience

We as a whole are tied in with simplifying everything. Envision all that you want when you visit a specialist's office or clinic all moved into one smooth insight.

Physician Advisory

  • Remote Utilization Reviews
  • Admission Status Review
  • Focused Chart Audits
  • Payer Peer-to-Peer

Physician Advisory

Revenue cycle teams are struggling with shrinking margins and an increasingly demanding ROI climate, so even a low rejection rate can have a significant impact on the bottom line.

Coding Management

  • Defined and Shared Mission
  • Optimally Staffed
  • Key Relationships
  • Process Flow

Coding Management

Coding for healthcare OR medical services is an increasingly complex and difficult discipline that requires constant attention to regulatory changes,


  • Chargemaster Optimization
  • Charge Capture
  • Contract Management & Modeling
  • HIM Coding Review

Revenue Integrity

With between 1% and 3% of net commissions lost to losses, companies can face serious financial challenges...

Provider Productivity

  • Payer Mix and Rates
  • Collection Ratios and RVU’s
  • Staff Costs
  • Practice Costs

Provider Productivity

As healthcare organizations move toward values-based care and declining revenues become the norm, the effort to reduce inefficiencies...

Healthcare BPO Services

  • Payer A/R Management
  • Appeals and Denial Management
  • Underpayments
  • Care Coverage

Healthcare BPO Services

Here at MedsRole, we understand how important it is to have efficient and accurate help with the behind-the-scenes work in healthcare. Think

Our Guiding Principles

Customer Success is Our Singular Mission

We completely dedicate ourselves to our client’s success, aligning our practices with your ability to achieve your desired business goals and taking exceptional care of patients.

Continuous Growth and Inspiration

We focus vividly on the growth and development of both individuals and the collective team, fostering an atmosphere where everyone can grow individually and work at their maximum potential.

Communication for Continuous Improvement

We believe in transparency and constant feedback. We actively listen to one another, drive meaningful progress along with maximum performance.

Striving for Operational Excellence:

We have three cornerstones of our commitment: accountability, performance, and exceeding client expectations. We take our commitments very seriously and deliver everything on time with proper execution.

Collaboration is at Our Core

We welcome everyone, valuing each person for who they are, their teamwork and selflessness in our chase for the best outcomes for our clients and their businesses. We welcome challenges and we create a supportive environment.

Astonishing Results With Quality Services!


Reduced Costs
(upto 22 %)


Increased Revenue (upto 8 %)


Enhanced Patient Experience (upto 46 %)

At Medsrole, Our team of experts comprises medical billing specialists, provider credentialing experts, and MIPS consultants. Together, we excel in delivering a comprehensive suite of revenue cycle management services, which include
  • Medical Billing, Coding and Denials Management
  • Medical Practice Start-up Services
  • Billing and Coding Audit/Analysis Services
  • MIPS Consulting Services
  • Payer Enrollment
  • Payer Contract Negotiations
  • Provider Credentialing Solutions

Improving Healthcare Financial System With Accuracy!

Accurate Medical Billing 100%
Client Satisfaction 96%
Successful Hospitals and Clinic 92%
Enhanced Patient Experience 90%

Medical Billing & Revenue Cycle Management

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